UNEP Council (GA)

Founded in 1972, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) acts as the voice of environmental sustainability in the United Nations. In their role of promoting environmentally friendly development, the UNEP inspires, informs and enables nations to improve their livelihoods without compromising the climate or the biosphere. Some of the UNEP’s greatest concerns to date include the growth of natural disasters worldwide, the poor disposal of household and industrial waste, and the worsening pollution of Earth’s limited water supply.

UNEP Background Guide

MCU Council (Specialized)

Oh no! Dr. Strange and the Scarlet Witch have opened up the multiverse, allowing cosmic monstrosities beyond human comprehension to terrorize the human psyche and destroy all of us from the inside! Worse yet, there are multiversal refugees asking for human rights! The world is completely at odds! The superheroes must decide how rights will be distributed, how to defend against these bestial eldritch threats, and most importantly: how to integrate them into this new society. 


Chinese Civil War (Crisis Council)

The curtains have closed on the Second World War, and Japan has surrendered to China under the terms of the Potsdam Declaration. However, the fight for power is far from over. China’s United Front has crumbled, and political conflict between the nationalist and communist parties has resurfaced. The Kuomintang troops, with the help of the U.S. military, have taken over main cities and railway lines in East and North China, while the Communist Party has taken the northern hinterland and Manchuria. In their time at war, the Nationalists have grown corrupt, while the Communists have grown in political power. 

In October of 1945, representatives from China and foreign nations, each with their own affiliations and aspirations, have agreed to meet with the goal of cooperation. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the future of a united China while considering the aftermath of the war with Japan, the format for a new nation, and the concerns surrounding foreign influence.

Chinese Civil War Background Guide
Note: There are no pre-written resolutions for this committee