ECOSOC - Beginner

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), founded in 1945, is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations and is responsible for coordinating the environmental, economic, and social work of the United Nations. It also consults with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), thereby maintaining a vital link between the United Nations and civil society. A large concern of the ECOSOC council over the past year has been the Uyghur crisis in China, global organ trafficking, and the creation of resilient clean energy systems, which delegates will work diligently to solve.

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INTERPOL - Beginner/Intermediate

Founded in 1923 and re-established after the second world war in 1956, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) has the responsibility to cooperate with over 190 countries to prevent and fight major issues regarding national security. Since its inception in 1996, INTERPOL has played a major role in combatting global threats such as Drug Trafficking, Nuclear Terrorism, and most recently, breaches in Cyber Security. Delegates find solutions to major issues pertaining to their delegations national interests.

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Animal Farm (Fantasy) - Beginner/Intermediate

Dear Comrades,


The animals of the Manor Farm have been wrongfully treated and exploited by humans for far too long. It is up to you, the animals, to lead your fellow comrades to freedom after having overthrown the farmer, Mr. Jones. With the recent drought, you must find a way to deal with the food shortages in the Manor Farm, decide how you should distribute the labour evenly amongst the animals, and find a suitable system to govern the Farm. With you, the animals, free to govern yourselves and the farm as you please, will you be able to peacefully find solutions to these problems?

*Though it is not required, an online copy of Animal Farm is available Here at your disposal.

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Women's Liberation Council - Intermediate

In 1945, a fundamental principle of the United Nations Charter promoting “equal rights of men and women'' was adopted by numerous world leaders. Yet today, millions of women across the world still face sex-based discrimation. The United Nations Women’s Liberation Council will be tasked with confronting some of today’s most prevalent threats to women’s rights including the rising instances of domestic abuse and child marriage, violence and terrorism against women, and the issue of curtailed rights.

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Quebec Independence (Historical) - Intermediate/Advanced

October 18, 1970 


Pierre Trudeau, 


Mr. Prime Minister, I am writing to you as an ambassador for the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ). In exchange for the release of British Trade Commissioner James Cross, we, the FLQ, demand 23 of our political prisoners be released, $500,000, the broadcast and publication of our manifesto, and safe passage to Cuba or Algeria. We are planning to become an independent nation, because your government does not provide Quebec with either a voice or proper funding or representation. We have already commenced over 200 bombings, and we are not going to stand down. Subsequently, we murdered Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte - comply with our demands before it is too late for poor Mr. Cross.


The Front de Liberation du Quebec.

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Trump Control (Crisis) - Advanced



Joe, you’ve been having a horrible year. Very not good. The most crooked year I've ever seen. I thought that our honest, patriotic American citizens would elect a smart man but clearly the voting was rigged. 75 million votes for me. Millions and millions of people who supported the greatest president in all of American history. The guy with the biggest hands and frankly, the most hair. Truly phenomenal. You know what, Joe? Me and my fellow Americans are gonna lead again under the big, beautiful flag of the Patriot Party. It's gonna be huuuuge! You think you won the election but you can’t trump me, Joe. Soon, the House and the Senate will be full of wonderful people switching to the really tremendous Patriot party. I’ll show America what it’s like to be the greatest country in the world. Just you watch, sleepy Joe. And if you stand in my way, you’ll-



Note: This council has no pre-written resolutions

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